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Consultation meetings

Marketing strategy

Ads management

Graphic design

Email marketing


Influencer outreach

Social media posting



Web Development



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Qwerty Digital Flexible Subscription is a monthly subscription that is dedicated to providing startups, small and medium businesses with the flexibility that is missing in the market. 🧘 It is an all-inclusive package, separated by a few components such as hours spent on your marketing verticals. ⏱️ 

Our subscription gives you the flexibility of an in-house digital marketing department without any of the overhead costs. 💸 From social media management and content creation to advertising and web development, our subscriptions allow you to have full control over your digital marketing needs at a moment’s notice. All of which is directed by you and your dedicated Qwerty Consultant. 🤝

Our options, 10 hours, 20 hours or 30 hours per month gives your business the attention it needs, where it needs it, when it needs it! 💥 All at an investment level that actually makes sense for small businesses!

Our flexible subscriptions are here to cut costs and maximise your business’s benefit. We, therefore, recommend a minimum term of 3 months to ensure we have built a solid foundation, by creating an irreplaceable asset to your business. 🙌 You can also extend or shorten your subscription, as you like! ↔️

Our first steps typically start with spring cleaning and a process of getting your ducks in a row. 🦆🦆🦆 What this entails is, making sure your businesses digital ecosystem is ready for a fully fledged digital marketing campaign. 💪 This ensures we're maximising returns, leaving nothing to chance and leaving no money left on the table. 💰

From then on we're all set to start generating traffic aimed at achieving 3 main objectives for your business: 👇

  1. ✅ Increase your number of overall customers through lead generation and sales via marketing channels. 
  2. ✅ Increase the average spend of your customers via re-targeting campaigns and strategically designed upsells. 
  3. ✅ Increase the average lifetime value of your customers by incentivising customer rebuys via careful customer nurturing activities. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started today! 😀