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Digital marketing doesn't have to be expensive...

Qwerty Digital offers cost effective and cheap digital marketing for small businesses to grow their business online with a focus on ROI and ROAS to ensure our clients grow their business effectively through facebook and google ads and SEO and websites

The Dilema

Qwerty digital offers digital marketing with levels of experience that match the largest agencies, specializing in all media buying, lead generation, growing businesses online and scaling growth companies from startups
Qwerty digital's flexible subscription service offers the most flexible digital marketing service for small businesses. It's similar to having an in-house digital marketing specialist for a fraction of the investment. The perfect digital marketing fix
Qwerty Digital's flexible subscriptions are the perfect level of investment because we offer expert level digital marketing for very cheap and very affordable, making it healthy and easy for small businesses to be successful online through digital ads

The Perfect Mix

All the benefits, without the extra cost

Qwerty Digital's flexible subscription is the perfect mix for small businesses because it offers the expertise of an agency, the flexibility of an in-house team and the affordability of hiring a freelancer all in one perfect solution for startup business

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We offer an all-inclusive flexible solution

Qwerty Digital offers a flexible digital marketing solution for small businesses at freelancer fees for an in-house flexible solution with agency level quality. Subscribe for 10, 20 or 30 hours per month starting at just AED 2,997 per month
The Qwerty Digital Flexible Subscription focuses on time because small businesses need help with their digital marketing. No limits on deliverables, we deliver a holistic approach and our agenda is to see you succeed because we grow small businesses

Because we focus on time

That's why flexibility is key

Flexible digital marketing enables small businesses to test multiple routes to market and optimize based on the results as well as the ability to upgrade, downgrade or pause and we even accommodate last minute requests, all with no additional costs

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Our packages have been designed specifically to suit the growth paths of small businesses.

Upgrade, downgrade, pause and resume from month to month with our Flexible Subscriptions

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Book a complimentary no-obligation discovery call with one of our experts

Book a Discovery Call

Book a free one-on-one, no-obligation discovery call with one of our digital marketing experts to learn how we can best scale your small business

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Yes! Our packages offer the ability to flex with your business, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade based on your business’s requirements.

It’s unlikely that you will have time allowance left over at the end of the month since there’s always something to focus on with digital marketing. But in the case that it does happen, we do not compile hours month on month. However we can downgrade your package so that there are no wasted hours if your business doesn’t require it.

Yes you can! For example if you have a last minute shoot that you need us to help with we can be there at a moment's notice. However, we recommend that you follow our best suited strategy plan set out from the beginning so that your business's growth is well coordinated.

The hours spent on your digital marketing is all recorded and compiled into a monthly time-tracking PDF report to show exactly where our effort was spent. We’ll also agree what next month's focus is during our monthly, fortnightly or weekly meetings.

Potentially! We limit our free subscription option only to those who are really serious about their business growth objectives. Feel free to apply for a free subscription by connecting with us via the WhatsApp button below. DIY style!