Would You Rather: A Latte or Leads?

I often blow minds 🤯 when I casually mention the fact that you can drive traffic to your website for as little as a couple of dirhams 👛⁠

It's funny to think that the spare change that's fallen between the cushions on my sofa is the equivalent of 5-10 people on my website! 🤩 ⁠

Those few dirhams that have fallen out of my pocket and now live between the lint and dust bunnies 🐇 are enough to put interested prospects onto my website!⁠

It's really a no-brainer which one I'd rather have 🧠⁠

And on a daily basis, it only takes between 15-20 dhs to run a pretty damn effective paid ads campaign on Google for example. That's the same as your morning coffee from Starbucks ☕⁠

So let me ask you... Would you rather have leads or a latte? 🤔⁠

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