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Everyone loves free stuff right?

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Exactly! That's why we decided to launch our free subscription option! Well... It's not that simple actually. We understand that as a business owner one of the most important roles is being an incredibly calculated decision maker. That means:

  1. Not throwing money around willy nilly!
  2. Doing your research before investing
  3. Weighing up the options
  4. Going into decisions with a strong plan

This process is especially important when it comes to small business owners. That's because each and every dirham has to be put to good use, otherwise it's a sure fire way to waste a decent budget! 💸 And that's really not what we want...

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to answer the important questions that make up your mind about investing with us. And the best way to do that is for us to prove our value to you by helping you get started with your digital marketing through a free trial period!

So What's Included?

Our Freemium Subscription includes 2 consultations per month for up to 3 months. These consultations are designed to point you in the right direction, giving you all the guidance you need to DIY it towards building your digital marketing ecosystem!

Every fortnight we'll have another call, giving you 2 weeks to action what was previously discussed. We'll do our best to hold you accountable to these actions so you really get stuff done! 

Unfortunately we're not able to assist with the execution of your digital marketing but will be giving you all the support and guidance possible within our meeting time. 

Why Only 3 Months?

We limit this to 3 months for a couple of reasons. Firstly being that after 3 months you should be in a much better position than when we started, giving you the ability to decide whether you'd like to upgrade to one of our subscription options or simply just run it all yourself! The second reason is so that we can offer your spot to someone that needs it more once you're in a much better position. 

The Next Steps & Upgrading

The natural next steps after your free trial will be to upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions, or if you feel confident enough you can take the reins yourself! 💪 

We'll be in a really good position to seamlessly upgrade you into a paid subscription at any point. What that enables you to do is gain access to our expert team to execute everything we discussed to an exceptional level! 🚀

You can learn more about our paid options HERE

We recommend sticking with our freemium option at first to gauge what should be done for your brand. Then once we have a good understanding of the road ahead we can suggest a plan that best suits you.

Apply Today!

Our applications are open! Simply subscribe through our website for the freemium option and your request will be automatically submitted for review. We aren't able to take on everyone that applies so we're really looking for those who are serious about implementing our suggestions and really want to get the most from our guidance.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today! 


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