How To Get To Know Your Customers Better

Happy Get to Know Your Customers Day!

Yep it's a real celebration...


Knowing your customers is integral to building customer loyalty. Consider some of these practical and intriguing ways that managers and business owners can participate in and commemorate Get to Know Your Customers Day:


Create occasions to thank your customers 🤝

Hosting a gathering or event that encourages customer interaction is a fantastic way to commemorate Get to Know Your Customers Day. By including games or rewards, the occasion can be made enjoyable for them and their family. There are a ton of chances to organize social media events or competitions that can entice people to participate for those that conduct business online rather than in person.

Don't forget to invite customers to complete surveys while you're having fun so you can learn more about their wants and how your company might be able to address them. 


Establish a Loyalty Program 

Loyalty schemes have been shown to keep customers coming back often, whether it's a stamp card for a neighborhood coffee shop that offers a free cup after buying ten, or a points system for credit cards or airline miles. The best time to design and launch a customer loyalty program that will bring those customers back often is now!


Create Extensive Customer Profiles 

Whether retail, wholesale, or business-to-business information customer insights will be very valuable in the future. Put that information to work right away by building it into customer profiles that are stored in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

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