How to Actually Scale Your Business in 2023

Let's cut the rubbish, it's a new year and with that comes new success. 2023 is the year for growth and development! So with that, here's 3 points that will kill your chances of scaling your business in 2023!

1) Not investigating the market

You may have a skillset you can offer the market, or perhaps you’ve got a cool product in mind you think people might want.

But the reality of business is that it doesn’t matter what you offer unless the entire proposition stems from a deep routed pain in your target market. You need to find exactly where this pain comes from.

This understanding can only come from deep investigative research into your market. You can do this by purchasing market research data or becoming an active part of the community you’re trying to serve. 

It’s far easier to satisfy an existing need rather than create a new one and try to convince people they should invest in it.


2) Being rigid and complacent

Okay awesome, you’ve done your market research and you’ve built up a solid customer base! But your work isn’t finished just yet. 

The need you’re fulfilling might not always be there. We’re living in a world where things move at a million miles per hour! You only need to look as far as Blockbuster and Netflix to see how a huge industry can turn on a dime


3) Having a weak online presence

If your business can’t stand out from the crowd online you’re really going to struggle to keep up, nevermind scale up…

Most new businesses try digital marketing, but very few are able to grow with a DIY approach. It’s very technical, super time-consuming and frankly, quite expensive!

And the biggest challenge is making your digital marketing omnipresent. This doesn’t just mean posting the same content on all social media channels, it means building a holistic ecosystem. 

Usually, that’s quite an expensive endeavour to undergo, which is why freelancers and “one-service” agencies can be quite appealing options. However, this can make or break your chances of success.

Picture this: You hire an agency or freelancer to run your Facebook ads. The ads do great! It’s sending hundreds of qualified leads to your website every single day! Unfortunately, your website is confusing, loads really slowly and makes your business appear unprofessional. All of a sudden, you’re losing all that value of the high-quality online traffic you invested in and your budget has gone to waste.

And those few leads that did find your sign-up form were never followed up with because there was no email automation and lead nurture systems in place.

Or perhaps they wanted to see if you’re the real deal, so they went to look at your Instagram page or your client testimonials, or your TikTok channel, or your blog archive, or your LinkedIn profile, or the million and 1 other places they’re searching for you on…

They saw that your last post was from 3 months ago and was designed in Canva with spelling mistakes in every other line… 

Meanwhile, you're scratching your head wondering where all the leads are... Yet the agency you hired refuses to take any responsibility for your results, blaming you and making you feel like your business can't succeed at all.


I'm sorry… I didn’t mean to go too harsh in that last part. Your digital presence might not need all that much attention, but trust me we’ve seen it all! 


4) Ineffective digital marketing

I know the title said 3 but this is just so important that we needed a 4th!

Effective digital marketing is holistic, it’s strategic, and it’s flexible. That’s why we’ve created the Flexible Subscription. 

We’ve got the perfect solution for small businesses just like yours. We enable small businesses to create omnichannel digital marketing ecosystems with a holistic approach, fast turnaround times and awesome results! All at a minimal investment level.

We offer agency level expertise with the flexibility of an in-house hire at the affordability of a freelancer. What's not to love?


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