Your Customers Are The Heroes
September 28, 2021

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone listens.

Businesses tell their stories through social media, billboards, news articles, sponsoring events, you name it.

But your customers have a story to tell too! – Their pain points, their aspirations, their hopes and dreams and everything in between. So it’s up to businesses to make sure they feel heard, seen and most of all, important.

As a business, whether you are in the service industry or selling phenomenal products, via B2C or B2B channels, your clients and customers need to know you are on their side, and your service/product is there to make their lives better, easier and more fulfilled.

These trending necessities can be broken down into: customer experience practices, multi-channel accessibility and ease of use.


Customer Experience Practices: 

Enhancing your customer experience is a valuable asset to any business. 86% of buyers are willing to increase their purchases and transactions with a business due to good customer service, according to research done by PwC. That’s essentially an 86% increase in profit at minimum. These 3 things can set you on the right path to enhancing your customer service digitally.


  • Replying to comments on all platforms
  • Quickly responding to queries (at least within 12-24 hours max.)
  • Ensuring that customer feedback becomes actionable and implemented into your business processes.


Multi-channel Accessibility: 

People often spend 2.5 hours a day on social media and almost 7 hours online overall. That’s almost 1/3 of the day dedicated to the digital world, and this is where your customers need to see you.

Providing multiple touch points across various digital channels gives users a sense of belonging, and a sense that you as a brand see them and are always by their side…like a sidekick!

Businesses need to be the sidekick to their customers, so whether you are posting engaging content across owned media channels, casting out various ads of interest or simply have your website ready in hand for those browsers, you will always be by your customers’ side.


Ease of Use: 

Digital technology is just constantly evolving. That’s a fact. And what’s more, Customers are evolving too! They want to be able to make their own decisions and follow through with them at their own accord.


Did you know that 57% of customers will not recommend a poorly optimised website (for desktop or mobile) and even 50% will never return!?

That’s a huge loss for any business, so it’s important to mediate this through mobile optimisation and a ‘mobile-first’ mindset.

Moreover, customers want to feel that they have autonomy over their actions. This is where self-service comes in.

67% of customers prefer self-service, such as online chat bots, over speaking to a company representative and 25% have interacted with AI and Machine Learning capabilities, according to Gartner.


Self-service is coming to be a huge step towards personalised experiences and ease of use for customers. The age of cold calling and follow ups has greatly diminished, putting your customer always at centre stage.


Ultimately, purchasing power has increased, users want more autonomy than ever before, and businesses need to stay at the aid of their customers whenever we’re needed!