Virtual Claud Assist

Claudia specializes in setting up & offers support for Dubsado, a business management system (CRM) and is passionate about helping small service-based businesses get their “act” together with Dubsado. In addition, she offers various services/support, which can be purchased as standalone options.

If you are too busy to deal with repetitive tasks in your business but busy enough to need a system in place then Dubsado is THE business management system for you!

Imagine having your BRANDED proposals/quotes/order forms/questionnaires; receiving payments; sending invoices; contracts (incl digital signing) and MORE in one system?

Various options are available to suit your biz budget:

Dubsado Starter Setup (quick setup & affordable - no workflows included) 

Dubsado Full Setup - Done For You (workflows included) 

Coded or Code Free Form creation and implementation

Monthly hourly Dudsado support packages

Dubsado Strategy Session for the "DIYer" (receive a detailed report for you to implement)

Dubsado Account audit 

General Admin VA services

More services coming soon!!

Get in touch via email: or book a free casual chat: